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Ellen Dorle doesn’t wait for things to happen. She likes to make them happen - with energy, with vision, with teamwork. That’s why executives and business owners regard her as a peer, a friend, and a trusted advisor.

Ellen is not only active, but proactive. As past president of Worthington’s A.M. Rotary Club, Worthington Area Business and Professional Women’s group (WABPW), and Friends of Harding Hospital, she has worked to better the community around her. And after each day’s morning walk or workout, she helps people plan for retirement and new phases of life.


"Each client is unique, and you learn so much by listening," Ellen remarks. "When people share their goals and dreams, and talk about the financial issues in their lives, I gain insight. That is what is most helpful to me - listening and learning about my client’s needs. I pair that knowledge with my professional tools to help them realize their financial goals. I enjoy problem-solving and I feel good knowing that my skills will make a difference in their financial future.

Are you wondering: Am I putting enough into my 401(k) to fund my retirement? Am I picking the right investment options? Is there a better way to sift through the massive amount of information available, and to understand the complex investment environment of today?

Finding the time, energy and resources to answer these questions and plan your retirement can be difficult. The same holds true for planning your estate, or your exit from a business. You need a proactive advisor who can take charge of the situation. Ellen has the credentials, experience, and executive ability you seek, and she heads a successful practice that can help you with your investments and retirement needs today.

Ready to Help

Ellen understands. She steps forward to present financial options - customized strategies for your 401(k) rollover funds (including self-directed IRAs), ways to reduce your taxes and help you retain more income. Best of all, her financial planning revolves around relationships.

Right There for You

Relationships count. In life, friends and family can help you get through a business transition or a health concern; their advice and wisdom can help you make the most of a promotion, a career change, or a new venture.